Islam, Muslims and the KKK


The similarities between the Muslims and the KKK struck me recently and I was surprised to find that I wasn't the only one who made the connection. 


As recently as March 2014, a leader of the Traditional American Knights of the KKK told a reporter for the NBC-TV affiliate in Richmond, Virginia, “We are a Christian organization.” On a Twitter feed, he also claimed the Klan is “about love for God, race and nation.”

So today, as we wrestle with how to understand the ISIS gang — who sanctimoniously cite a religious basis for their barbaric acts — it is worth remembering the lunatic claims of religious legitimacy made by America’s own home-grown terror network.

Both groups manufacture self-serving beliefs to excuse their hatred and murderous impulses and actions. They conveniently ignore the compassionate essence of the beautiful, peace-loving founders of Christianity and Islam, who urged believers to turn the other cheek and to see the lives of others as one’s own.

The dangerous delusion of the religio-terrorists is that by maintaining a pretense of piety and by merely invoking the name of God, they are somehow entitled to behave in a manner that is opposite to God’s unconditional love and that flies in the face of all that is truly sacred.  From the HuffingtonPost


Check  Google for other comparisons.


My conclusion is that the US government is allowing the Islamic KKK to enter the country and set up bases to spread the same behavior and ideas they have been feeding us as abhorrent for a hundred years.



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Comments (3)

  1. stevehayes13

    The author of this Huffington Post article is clearly either ignorant of Islam or an apologist. Islam is not a peace loving religion that tells its followers to turn the other cheek. This kind of disinformation from the liberal media actively supports the jihadists.

    May 01, 2017
  2. Munkyman

    The big difference is the KKK was at it’s height of power in the 1920’s & ISIS is an international murder, human trafficking & drug smuggling conglomerate… Now. The KKK is an obnoxious frat at this point in time & not much more.

    May 01, 2017
  3. willsblog

    There are all kinds of excuses to hate. Islam and the KKK are just one such example but there are many more.

    May 01, 2017