CNN Cuts Feed of Congressman After He Reveals Facts About Refugees


Is anyone really surprised?  

CNN has been called all kinds of names but Comedy News Network has to stick


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Comments (3)

  1. willsblog

    No, I can’t say that I’m surprised at all. What does surprise me is how many people would rather believe the lie(s) than the truth. What surprises me is that people believe this nonsense about “satellite feeds” and “network gremlins” when it’s AMAZING that it ONLY happens when guests are speaking the truth and CNN doesn’t like it.

    March 09, 2017
    1. GovMisdirection

      When the “unbiased” media of the Left pulls stuff like this it confirms what thinking freedom-loving people know and say. It’s censorship of the truth of the propaganda machine of the Left.
      I wish Trump would start up a TNN – Trump News Network.

      March 09, 2017
      1. willsblog

        I would support a Trump News Network so long as it was TRUTH and nothing but TRUTH. We have enough propaganda and lies already.

        March 09, 2017