Always tell the truth -- Tell people what they want to hear!


Obviously, Trump tells the truth all of the time!

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Comments (4)

  1. stevehayes13

    Where did he say it?

    August 01, 2017
    1. GovMisdirection

      Snopes says it’s false – "However, although dozens of sites have attributed the phrase to the former president, none have been able to provide any information about where and when Roosevelt supposedly made this remark. The quote displayed above has been in circulation since at least 2004, when it was shared in the signature of someone (not Roosevelt) posting on an online forum. "
      Well. he should have said it.

      August 03, 2017
      1. stevehayes13

        Is this an admission that the claim is false?

        August 04, 2017
  2. willsblog

    All one has to do is peruse the thoughts posts and it becomes abundantly clear where the propaganda is coming from, the radical Leftists!

    August 01, 2017