44% of liberal Dems claim churches bad for U.S.

A recent nationwide poll found that 44 percent of liberal Democrat believe that churches in the United States have a negative impact of society.

This view, however, is not only shared by a significant proportion of “liberal” Democrats, but by a large chunk of all Democrats, as Pew Research Center also revealed that more than one in three Democrats in America (36 percent) see churches’ impact on society as negative. This is in stark contrast to the meager 14 percent Republicans who see churches’ influence as negative.

Comparing negative and positive takes on churches’ influence within different sectors of party lines, here’s how the stats were broken down by Pew’s U.S. Politics and Policy Department:

“Liberal Democrats are about as likely to say the impact of churches and religious organizations is negative (44 percent) as they are to say it is positive (40 percent),” Pew divulged. “By two-to-one (58 percent to 29 percent), more conservative and moderate Democrats say churches have a positive than negative effect on the country. Majorities of both conservative Republicans and Republican leaners (75 percent) and moderate and liberal Republicans (68 percent) say churches and religious organizations have a positive impact.”

Partisan view of media, colleges, other institutions vary widely

After surveying 2,504 American adults from coast to coast between June 8 and 18, Pew researchers also discovered that the way Republicans and Democrats view the media – as well as academic, labor and financial institutions – in the U.S. differ greatly.

As anticipated, Democrats and other liberals have a much more favorable view of the Leftist mainstream news media than Republicans.


Considering what Mr. Haverluck writes for I am surprised he did not emphasize "churchs" means Chrisianity.

I would also like to see a poll on how the liberla pukes view Islam, the religon of peace.

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Comments (4)

  1. willsblog

    I’m sure that Liberal Democrats make excuses and allowances for Islam. Just as they make excuses and allowances for the slaughter, abortion, etc..

    July 18, 2017
  2. Munkyman

    That 14% of Republicans view churches unfavorably is far more telling.

    July 18, 2017
  3. This comment has been deleted
  4. jaageet

    I have no view on churches. It’s just a place people go. Christians go to churches, muslims go to mosques, gentlemen go to strip clubs. I mind my own business. This is the American way in a free society.

    July 18, 2017
  5. stevehayes13

    Pew did the research on party affiliation and attitudes towards Islam in 2014.


    July 23, 2017